Documentary artistic photography in charlotte, nc

Capturing the beauty in REAL life.


I´m Lara and I'm so glad you´re here! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to learn a little about what I do. 

I´m a documentary-style photographer. I photograph authentic moments in every area of life and artistically capture the in-betweens, the behind-the-scenes, the everyday life untold stories, and the beauty that resides in love and connection.

Documentary photography is not really about WHAT you photograph but HOW you photograph it.  

The HOW is all about capturing reality as it happens, without faking it, directing it or prompting it, capturing the unscripted emotions, interactions and connections that unfold in our everyday life.

        Who am I?

          In short, so I don't bore you too much ;)


  • I love Jesus. I strive to let HIM be the first thing in my life.

  • I´m originally from Spain and I moved to Charlotte, NC, 8 years ago. 

  • I´m a child of a culturally mixed family. My dad was from Ukraine and my mom, is from Galicia, Spain. I imagine, as a result, I love other cultures, places, food, people, traditions, and, I love to travel!

  • I'm a health nut, I think that´s how they call us? I´m hooked on trying to change all unhealthy ingredients in recipes, and still hopeful in the pursuit of a decent tasting result. (yes, I know I'm crazy, you can blame this on my mom, she started it!) I’m also fascinated by homesteading, alternative dwellings, self-sufficiency…you get the point. ;)

  • Those who know me tend to think that I am kind, calm and gentle... If you ask my family, they would agree... and also tell you that I love a good Mediterranean table discussion and that I like to take the opposite.  But, if you ask me, I would tell you that I love to dig deep in conversation and love to get to know people at a deeper level.