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Workshop for Kids

21 mar 2014 / in Music

Last week I made my first workshop for kids in my village’s library. I’d love to trasmit them how easy is these days to have fun with noise.
Almost all of them have a computer at home and they must know that this is a potential music studio, and their toys are potential instruments.
Hope to make more on a near future and even go deeper on those workshops.

Here is the result of what we recorded on that session arranged with molar.


I 06 – 13 I

06 feb 2013 / in Music, News

Next Discontinu Records compilation is in the oven.

Irreverent Music

01 feb 2013 / in Music, News

Last desember a new label, Irreverent Music released their first album, a 2 hours compilation full of Breakcore, Hardcore, IDM, 8bit and Experimental stuff where I have a track. Good luck for them!

Unsuspected sounds

02 may 2012 / in Music, News

Some time ago I submitted a track for a compilation made by Chris Randall, the guy on charge of Analog Industries. With almost 100 submissions I’ve been luckily selected to take part of the final tracklist with a track called Here she comes, and now this is a reallity. Since we are waiting for the final vinyll version of the compilation, the digital release is already available on bandcamp.

mcrp v12

02 may 2012 / in Monome, Music, Video

It’s been so long since my last post but I’m going to make some today…
On January we released the tracks for the Monome community remix project version 12, this time we had to collaborate with another fellow monomer to compose the track. I made it with Conor, from Belfast, and this is a special video we made for the ocasion:

And you can find the entire album here:

Pauk, Remixed

01 dic 2011 / in Music

Finally it’s here!!
After releasing my second LP with Enpeg, Discontinurecords is releasing this album made with remixes of some friends, and great artists, where they take my sound and bring it to their own field.

iTunes I JUNO

Just a big thankyou for them to put toghether this album!!



New album: Snails’n'dragons

08 sep 2011 / in Music

I’m really proud to announce my new album,, released by Enpeg.
You can get the FLAC in ENPEG or the mp3 in n5MD.
Now abailable in iTunes and Amazon as well.

I’m glad and love the description they have made about the album:
‘Snails’n'dragons’ is an amazing album from the forever talented Pauk. Created from the memories of his Grandmother’s fairytales told to him & his brother as children, ‘Snails’n'dragons’ contains a sense of whimsy & playful melancholy based in a foundation of classic IDM with a slant towards today’s dubstep & breakcore spectrums. With the same energy as children on a playground, Pauk has crafted a timeless classic that will make you smile with each listen as childhood memories are remembered. Also, a remix album is to follow on the awesome Discontinu Records (

And yes, the remix album will be ready very soon :) will announce it here as well.

New monome compilation

22 mar 2011 / in Monome, Music

The earthquake, tsunami, fire and nuclear accident transformed their peaceful places into scenes from hell in a second.
The road to reconstruction must be long and tough.
However, their passion for their families, friends and communities develops courage and willpower, and they will make remarkable recovery.

This compilation of original music and sound has been generated in the days immediately following the staggering 9.0 earthquake which ravaged Japan, and is released in support of the ongoing rescue and reconstruction efforts ongoing today. Regardless of whether you enjoy or appreciate this music, please make a donation to an aid organization responding on the ground to this disaster.
We suggest that Medecin Sans Frontieres ( Doctors Without Borders ), the Japanese Red Cross and Shelterbox are good choices for a monetary donation, as they are presently engaged on the ground with the recovery effort, but regardless, we ask that in whatever fashion, no matter where you are, you aid the positive recovery of the japanese people, the human race, and all of the earth from this tragic event.

Free Download


5th Anniversary Compilation

07 feb 2011 / in Music

Last week my label Discontinurecord, put toghether this fantastic compilation. It have been 5 years since Enric Masgrau, the owner, decided to create an independent label to support the new styles growing in the electronic music field. I’ve enjoyed 4 of this five years of discontinu and it have been great! the label is growing slowly but we all know how bad is everything in this worl :/ we have tons of cds…. anybody wants to buy something?
Well just say thanks Enric for let me be part of it!

“We are proud to inform about the releaseof the compilation called: 101: ODYSSEY IN THE MUSICAL PLANET, where artists from home are collaborating.
An why 101? just because it’s the binary form of 5, the years we have been producing with the name of Discontinu.
This is a compilation where you will find the influences we are attracted by in this musical planet”

Enric Masgrau, Discontinu records owner.

Get it here:

Monome Community Tour – Europe

11 nov 2010 / in Gigs, Monome, Music, Photo

So, the tour has gone, was good to be part of, and I’m glad how everything worked out in Barcelona, was really nice to see how the people was interested, asking about live sets and about technical stuff.

The firs date in London was great, more like a familiar meeting for the monomers, and the second one, in Brunel University, was really interesting, a lot of shows in one place, poetry, classical music, an actress monologue, and of course light boxes….

And what else can I say from Barcelona, thanks a lot to the guys from Telenoika who was the people giving us the space in Riereta, nice people with a really beautiful mapping projects, check out some stuff here:

And I’m still freaking out of what Dani/T4 (, the man behind my visuals is developing, a pure data patch connected wireless to my monome to create this beautiful squares palette.

Riereta, Barcelona

Brunel University, London

Loop Bar, London