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INEE 2013

14 may 2013 / in Gigs

This saturday @NIU we are going to introduce a different type of electronic music show that we called AN INTIMATE NIGHT OF EXPERIMENTAL ELECTRONICS.

As said in the press release: Enpeg and Discontinu Records present An Intimate Night of Experimental Electronics. An evening of improvised electronic music (stylized towards the experimental & super IDM) with performances by D-Fried (SP), HDSC (USA), Pauk (SP) and Ralp (SP). In addition to seeing/hearing the improvisations and talents of these four artists, we will participate in a discussion to discover the humans behind the machines. As a finale, we will close the night with a collective jam in where all four artists will take cues from the audience and build upon them as one.

With the aim of bringing to the public a different perspective of the electronic musician and to try to break the stereotypes of artists hiding behind sound machines, after the performances we will open a space for questions and answers, moderated by multimedia agitator Antònia Folguera. This will be an opportunity to peal away the masks and peak behind the curtains to see the kinds of personalities and characters that create these textured sounds. A chance to for the humans to step outside the wires. All questions will be answered, regardless of topic.

Following the Q&A, all four artists will take suggestions from the audience (like tempo, key, color, etc.) and close the night in a spontaneous creative outburst that should act as the perfect ending to such a wonderful night of creativity.

My setup is almost ready:

pauk on pages 2 from Pauk on Vimeo.

The Rattle Toy

21 may 2012 / in Gigs, News

Debut gig of Pauk & The Rattle Toy this friday 25th, May at Niu, will be playing toghether with Headphone Science, aka Dustin Craig, the man behind Enpeg.

On Saturday we will be at Gargall, Discontinu showcase with pauk, xtrngr and Discontinu DJ and Headphone Science

Monome Community Tour – Europe

11 nov 2010 / in Gigs, Monome, Music, Photo

So, the tour has gone, was good to be part of, and I’m glad how everything worked out in Barcelona, was really nice to see how the people was interested, asking about live sets and about technical stuff.

The firs date in London was great, more like a familiar meeting for the monomers, and the second one, in Brunel University, was really interesting, a lot of shows in one place, poetry, classical music, an actress monologue, and of course light boxes….

And what else can I say from Barcelona, thanks a lot to the guys from Telenoika who was the people giving us the space in Riereta, nice people with a really beautiful mapping projects, check out some stuff here:

And I’m still freaking out of what Dani/T4 (, the man behind my visuals is developing, a pure data patch connected wireless to my monome to create this beautiful squares palette.

Riereta, Barcelona

Brunel University, London

Loop Bar, London

Monome Tour BCN 05/11

28 sep 2010 / in Gigs, Monome

We have almost everything ready for the tour stop in Barcelona.
We will have a nice afternoon at Riereta, c/riereta, 5 in the Raval.
A beautiful european line-up will begin to make some noise from 19 till midnight. But before Mudo and Bite will be here to share with us a little workshop/discussion/demo about monomes and arduinomes.

From Italy Anangel Argonaut, from Austria Poorpot, from Belgium Reno Khart and from UK Myr (and me) will be here to show us how they push their buttons.

Monome community Tour

28 ago 2010 / in Gigs, Monome

Nice! Peter Kirn has just reported about the tour on his awesome blog Create Digital muic.

“The monome is coming to your town. Unlike tours organized by commercial product vendors, a grassroots effort by monome users pledges to share the music made with the monome and give back to a larger community.

It’s hard to explain the monome. It’s part tool, part lifestyle. And its openness comes in large part from the community of artists who use it, and embrace the controller’s sustainable production and unique design. In fact, it’s hard to explain just what a monome is: this USB-connected grid of light-up buttons is, by design, a blank canvas. It’s what the community has brought to that canvas that has made the monome a surprise revolution. That passion sometimes even makes it an object of ridicule – but let the monome artists show your their chops and love, and all but the coldest hearts melt. (…)”